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Asana established itself in 2006 as a specialty clothing company. Asana is the Indian Sanskrit word meaning method of posture. Our name reflects our desire to be rooted with the ancient yogis, who believed that with great discipline and practice, freedom would be born. It is this belief that fuels our passion for producing quality yoga clothing.


We radiate a deep thanks to those who have supported Asana yoga clothing over the years. Our loyal customers have allowed us to expand to the shores of our country and beyond. Asana strives toward the continual path of improvement. We feel enthusiastic about sharing our designs with other parts of the world.


Asana manufactures the highest quality yoga clothing and proudly utilizes local manufacturers in the process. By manufacturing locally, we not only reduce energy expenditure on the planet by eliminating the environmental impact of transportation, but also support Taiwans economic growth by creating jobs in the local community.

Asana clothing combines SUPPLEX and INVISTA LYCRA (which is known for its outstanding durability). This extraordinary weave gives yogis a comfortable, yet secure fit while providing solid resistant against wear and tear. Asana clothing embodies comfort, quality and the element of fashion, and delivers a feeling of grace and confidence to all those who wear it.


Asana aims to provide you with a fresh and unique look. Each month, our website features new designs, colors and selections for you to enjoy. Asana is delighted to be a part of the global yoga community and lives with the ambition to be your first choice.

With great enthusiasm and joy,

Open to the Freedom of Now

Booth No.B19 in 2010 Yoga Conference, Hong Kong

Asana yoga clothing of Taiwan provides the
highest quality, style and comfort to all those
passionate about feeling free from the inside out.

Casual Spirit

With grace, lightness, and elegance, we introduce Taiwan's best kept secret....
Asana yoga clothing believes that the practice of yoga doesn't just happen in the classroom.
With this in mind, we design our clothing to keep you comfortable, confident and fashionable
wherever you are, whatever you're doing.

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Each month, our website features new designs, colors and selections.
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